Regular Nightscout to Open Humans Transfers

Register with this app to have your Nightscout data regularly copied into your Open Humans account. This enables you to share your data with studies and citizen science projects.

Learn more by visiting:

This is an automated transfer. Once you are registered no further action is required, your Nightscout data will be regularly extracted and deposited into your OpenHumans account.

How it works

  1. Click the button below.
    This takes you to Open Humans.
  2. Log in or create an Open Humans account.
    We'll send your data to this account.
  3. Authorize (or re-authorize) this app.
    This connects the app to your Open Humans account.
  4. Give us your Nightscout URL.
    We will then store this in your OpenHumans account for safe keeping.
  5. That's it!
    On regular intervals we'll fetch your new data and put it in your Open Humans account. You'll be able to access & manage your data here:
Login using Open Humans

About Open Humans

Open Humans is a nonprofit project that has been funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Knight Foundation. Their platform enables members to aggregate data and share data with researchers and citizen scientists.

Data is private by default in Open Humans. You choose when to share. Members can decide to make data public, or can contribute it directly (and privately) to projects created by researchers and citizen scientists.

Want to see what projects are currently inviting Nightscout data? Visit our activity page in Open Humans:

Interested in working with Nightscout data in Open Humans? Read more here how to retrieve public data and create projects:

Technical details

This app does not receive access to any identifying information from your Open Humans account. The only information that is received and stored is an anonymous Open Humans member ID, and the authentication details required for the application to regularly push files to your Open Humans account. Data is deposited using these details and the apps associated transfer activity.

Raw data is JSON format, retrieved from your Nightscout server. You'll have access to data files in the Open Humans activity page:

Source code for this app: